Our Wines

Traditional Method Sparkling
Traditional Method sparkling is made using a labour-intensive process by which a secondary fermentation in the bottle produces the carbonation in the wine. Nova Scotia sparkling wine has a structure to rival any world- renowned sparkling wine with a finesse that is uniquely Nova Scotian.

2009 Pinot Noir (Natural Brut) $44.99 750ml
*Available at POW- NSLC*
Gold – 2012 Wine Access Canadian Wine Awards
Bronze – 2012 International Tasters’ GuildThe Pinot Noir, harvested from Chute’s and Oliver’s Vineyards in Bear River and McIntyre’s Vineyard in Habitant was whole cluster pressed and used to make this faintly copper-coloured sparkling wine. The Pinot Noir sparkling, both elegant and classic in its flavour and structure, pairs well with smoked salmon, shellfish and fine cheeses.

2009 Chardonnay (Brut) $37.99 750ml

Bronze – 2012 International Tasters’ Guild

Chardonnay, a grape traditionally used in sparkling wine, was harvested from Chute’s Vineyard in Bear River and from our Estate vineyard in the Gaspereau Valley and was used to make this Traditional Method sparkling wine. Classic pairings include oysters and other shellfish, mixed nuts and cheeses.

Riesling (Brut) $41.99 750ml *Limited Edition*

Bronze – 2012 International Tasters’ Guild

Riesling grown at Whatley’s Vineyard in Granville Ferry was used to make this small, unique batch of Traditional Method sparkling wine. Only 130 bottles were produced. Classic pairings include oysters, appetizers and pâte.


White Wines

2011 L’Acadie Blanc (Dry) $15.99 750ml
*Available at the NSLC*

Silver – 2012 Wine Access Canadian Wine Awards
Silver – 2012 International Tasters’ Guild

L’Acadie Blanc, made from Nova Scotia’s quintessential grape variety, is a crisp, dry white wine that pairs perfectly with local seafood, shellfish and cheeses. The nose of this wine displays aromas of citrus and apple with overtones of candied pears. L’Acadie Blanc finishes smooth with apple flavours and a refreshing acidity.

2011 Muscat (Dry) $19.99 750ml
*Available at the NSLC*

Silver – 2012 International Tasters’ Guild

New York Muscat, Nova Scotia’s most aromatic grape variety was used to make this slightly pink in colour wine. The nose shows intense tropical fruit aromas of lychee fruit and passion fruit with hints of pink grapefruit and fresh-cut mint. Despite the illusion of sweetness displayed by the nose, this wine finishes dry with a long grapefruit finish. Muscat is the perfect partner for curry dishes, crab cakes and shellfish. Or try our personal favourite: Nova Scotia mussels steamed in Muscat with onions, peppercorns and garlic.

2010 Gaspereau Estate Riesling (Off-Dry) $24.99 500ml

Silver 2011 International Tasters’ Guild

The 2010 Estate Riesling was made exclusively from the Riesling grapes grown on the upper slopes of Gaspereau Vineyards. They were hand-harvested, cold-soaked, pressed and then cool-fermented to retain the Riesling aromatics. Aromas of apple and white pepper fill the nose while a bold acidity and a hint of sweetness help to balance out the palate. Only 50 cases of this wine were produced. Enjoy now or cellar up to 5 years.

2010 Black Dogs Riesling (Off-Dry) $21.99 500ml

Bronze 2011 Canadian Wine Awards

The 2010 Black Dogs Riesling was the first harvest of Riesling from Darryl Brown’s Black Dogs Vineyard, located in Lower Canard in the Annapolis Valley. Harvested in late October, the grapes were hand harvested, hand sorted and cold soaked for 24 hours before pressing. The wine displays classic Riesling characteristics with a spiced apple and mineral note on the nose, a generous weight and depth of flavour on the palate, and an off-dry finish balanced by a bright backbone of acidity. Only 150 cases of this wine were produced. Drink now or age up to 5 years.

2011 Seyval Blanc (Semi-Dry) $16.99 750ml
*Available at the NSLC*

Gold – 2012 All Canadian Wine Championships

Seyval Blanc 2011 is a semi-dry white wine made from the grape variety Seyval. In Nova Scotia’s climate, Seyval achieves a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity and, combined with flavours of peach and pear makes this wine extremely food friendly. Seyval Blanc pairs well with local seafood and cheeses or can cool the palate when paired with hot and spicy dishes.

2012 Tidal Bay (Off-Dry) $21.99 750ml
Learn more about Tidal Bay“A wine with unique character, Tidal Bay brilliantly reflects its birthplace: the terroir, coastal breezes, cooler climate, and our winemakers’ world-class craftsmanship.” Gaspereau Vineyards` 2012 Tidal Bay is an aromatic wine made from a unique blend of Seyval Blanc, Vidal Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and Muscat with an off-dry finish.

2011 Warner Riesling (Off-Dry) $17.99 750ml

Silver – 2012 Wine Access Canadian Wine Awards

This is the first year the Warner family has harvested Riesling from their Lakeville property and the first year Gaspereau Vineyards has produced a wine from it. Grown in 2011, this Riesling shows bright green apple notes with an off-dry finish.

Red Wines

Vitis (Dry) $19.99 750ml

Vitis, our premium red blend, was created by blending only the finest oak-aged Lucie Kuhlmann and Marechal Foch with unoaked Baco Noir. Aromas of red berry fruit and smoky chocolate dominate the nose while supple tannins fill the palate of this well-balanced wine. Enjoy Vitis on its own or serve it with Italian cuisine or red meat dishes.

2008 Castel (Dry) $19.99 $17.99 750ml

The extremely deep-pigmented Castel was harvested from the Warner vineyard in early October with very high natural sugar and robust flavour. This unoaked red wine has rich aromas of spiced plum and blackberry supported by floral and herbaceous notes. A spicy finish follows a smooth and silky mouthfeel. Enjoy this wine with tomato-based dishes, mushroom risotto or other Italian fare.

2010 Lucie Kuhlmann (Dry) $21.99 750ml

Lucie Kuhlmann, one of Gaspereau Vineyards’ signature grapes, was used to make this robust red wine. Aged in French oak barrels, it has a smoky character and pairs well with beef, lamb or Italian cuisine.

2010 Lucie Kuhlmann Barrel Select (Dry) $24.99 750ml

All of Gaspereau Vineyard’s Lucie Kuhlmann is aged in French oak barrels. Some barrels of the 2009 Lucie Kuhlmann showed such distinct flavour and tannin profiles, we decided to keep them separate from the rest and bottle it under a different label. The result is this, the 2009 Barrel Select Lucie Kuhlmann. The nose is an alluring combination of vanilla toasted oak and red berry fruit with moderate tannin and a long, smooth finish. Enjoy this limited-edition wine on its own or as an accompaniment to beef or lamb dishes. Only 70 cases were produced.

2008 Pinot Noir (Dry) $19.99 500ml

Bronze – 2010 Atlantic Canadian Wine Awards

Pinot Noir has been growing in Nova Scotia at Al McIntyre’s Racca Vineyard near Canning, Nova Scotia since 2001 and is the source of grapes for this, Gaspereau Vineyards’ first, Pinot Noir. Harvested in early November 2008, the grapes were hand-harvested and sorted, cold soaked prior to fermentation and cool-fermented. Malolactic fermentation followed. Aged in a combination of New Hungarian Oak, older French Oak and stainless steel, this wine shows the classic Pinot Noir aromas and is supported by smoky vanilla undertone. A light cherry hue with an elegant structure makes this classic cool climate Pinot Noir a natural food friendly wine.

2011 Rosé (Medium) $15.99 750ml

Bronze – 2012 Wine Access Canadian Wine Awards

The 2010 Rosé is made from the free run juice of our freshly crushed Lucie Kuhlmann, cool-fermented in stainless steel. The Gaspereau Rosé 2010 is a semi-dry wine with a lovely characteristic salmon-pink colour and a nose that is reminiscent of cranberry cocktail and wild strawberries. With a smooth mouth-feel, a hint of tannin and a balance between sweetness and acidity, this wine makes a perfect match for roast turkey or pork dinners, cedar-planked salmon or dishes with sweet or spicy sauces. A great wine to accompany you on the patio!

2011 Triomphe D’Alsace (Dry) $19.99 750ml

Triomphe D’Alsace is a grape variety developed by Eugene Kuhlmann, and is closely related to Lucie Kuhlmann. Grown in the Wuhrer Vineyard north of Kingston, Triomphe D’Alsace shows a lovely fruit-forward nose and balance of fruit and tannin on the palate. Pair this wine with tomato-based pasta, tapas, and other Italian fare. Drink now or consider aging it for a few years.

2011 Marechal Foch (Dry) $19.99 750ml

Marechal Foch, the most widely planted red grape in Nova Scotia, was used to make this limited edition wine. Aged in stainless steel and French oak barrels, it shows a nice balance of berry fruit, oak, and tannin. Enjoy this medium bodied red wine with pizza, tomato-based pastas or various beef dishes.

Specialty Wines

Reserve Port (Medium) $19.99 500ml

Silver – 2012 Wine Access Canadian Wine Awards
Silver – 2010 International Taster’s Guild

This non-vintage, Port-styled wine is made by fortifying a premium blend of oak-aged red wines with brandy that has been lightly sweetened with a local delicacy. Made differently from its counterpart in Portugal, this truly is a Nova Scotia product: all the components of the blend are Nova Scotia grown. The end product, our Reserve Port, displays a rich cherry nose, a smooth and silky mouth-feel and a balance of alcohol and sweetness in the finish. Pair this wine with blue cheese, dark chocolate or dried fruit for a lovely finishing touch to any dining experience.

Crescendo (Medium) $21.99 750ml

Bronze – 2009 All-Canadian Wine Championships

This 2008 sparkling wine is the first sparkling wine produced at Gaspereau Vineyards. The balance of aromatics, sweetness and sparkle make this wine perfect as an aperitif for any meal. or to celebrate a memorable event. An expressive nose of apple with a hint of lychee fruit suggests this wine’s blend of 2008 Vidal and the aromatic Muscat.

Maple Wine (Sweet) $14.99 200ml

Double Gold – International Taster’s Guild

Maple syrup, the popular delicacy harvested from our Nova Scotia maple forests, was used to make this smooth, rich maple wine. Fortified with wine brandy made from one of Nova Scotia’s signature grape varieties, L’Acadie, this truly is a Nova Scotia treat. The combination of rich maple flavour and clean, aromatic L’Acadie brandy makes this dessert wine unforgettable. Maple wine is a wonderful treat on it own but goes equally well with dessert.

2009 Ortega Vidal Icewine (Sweet)
$29.99 200ml
$49.99 375ml

Double Gold – 2009 International Taster’s Guild

Icewine is a superb dessert wine made from grapes allowed to freeze on the vine. The frozen grapes are hand-harvested in December and are pressed immediately to extract the naturally-concentrated juice. Icewine, the result of fermenting this juice, boasts intense fruit flavours, a smooth mouthfeel and a sweet yet refreshing finish. Combining the Ortega and Vidal Icewine creates the perfect balance of rich, dried apricot aromas from the Ortega with the apple and pear freshness of the Vidal. Enjoy it on its own or pair it with desserts topped with fresh fruit, cheese plates or dried fruit.